Substances to avoid if you value your liver

Liver diseases and damage are caused by the different substances we consume mainly alcohol. Infections and genetics can also lead to liver damage. Liver failure refers to the inability of the liver to perform its normal functions eg bile production.

It can be a life threatening emergency and therefore it is necessary for one to take measures and avoid its causes by all means. It can either be acute or chronic. The difference between the two is that acute liver failure comes on quickly while chronic comes slowly.

Liver damage accumulates through different stages. Each stage is accompanied with effects to the normal functioning of the liver with its functioning gradually reducing as the stages advance.

The main substance you must avoid if you want to ensure that your liver continues to perform its vital functions is alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to liver cirrhosis which is the scarring of the liver.

Liver affected by liver cirrhosis

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4 thoughts on “Substances to avoid if you value your liver

  1. My fiancé has a friend who has cirrhosis, and does not or ever drank much in his life. That said, this is a great article to warn people, even though most will not listen until it is too late.


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