Gospel: Story of bro Paul

Paul was born into a family of three. His father is a corporate
worker who sets out as early as 5am in the morning only to
return home at 10pm and above.
His mother was a business woman who sells provisions in
wholesale and retails. She also closed as late as 10pm. Paul has two junior sisters who were in KG 2 and primary 4 respectively
while he was in SS2.
Due to lack of parental
monitoring, paul had mingled with the bad guys in his neighbourhood. Every evening after school, he would go to the
neighbourhood to play, the bad guys would send him to buy cigarettes and alcoholic drinks.
Atimes, he would be sent to call a pretty lady passing by.
At ss3, paul had started smoking
indian hemp, his parent tried so many times to correct him but he had turned to a dry fish difficult to bend. Paul had became notorious in the neighbourhood
causing trouble and atrocities. He wrote his first jamb after ss3 at 18 but he failed. he made another 3 attempts at the next 3
consecutive years and still failed.
he was frustrated with his failure and yet, he wouldn’t give up on his bad attitude,.
He was at home one day watching a programme on the
TV station and after the program, a religious program came up.
Paul was captivated by the preacher and followed the preaching bumper to bumper. It got to a point, the preacher made mention that
“you should make a difficult vow with God and be serious with it.
It should be something that will
cost you pain . And tell God that if you can do this particular thing
for me, this is what I will give you/ do for you.”.. Paul got the
message and decided to give it a trial. He promised God to be born again and served him with the whole of his live on campus and beyond if God could give him an
admission the following year. As
luck would have it, paul gained admission to study micro-biology the following year. At the
beginning of his year one. He was finding it difficult to born again due to the high number of pretty chicks who were freshers on campus. They were indeed
tempting and seductive. The way
this girls packaged their assets could make a G.O commit “side- game”.
To be continued……

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