Fiction: Categories of poor men you will encounter in the village

Trends on the kind of poor men you will encounter in the village.
(1) The ones that are poor but knows all the richmen and big politicians around,he even calls them on phone,go out with them,eat and merry with them,but he is still poor.
(2). The ones acting like a bigman,this ones are poor but they are wearing expensive things & fine fine clothes.if you see them,you will assume that they are mega rich.
(3). The ones that are poor and popular.this ones have accepted poverty with good faith.they are usually known for one thing or the other.
(4). The ones that are poor and horny,this ones can be making love even in a hot afternoon when their mates are hustling,they don’t care.they usually have alot of children at home and away.
(5). How can I forget the ones that are always giving excuses on why they are poor. They be like”if not for ojukwu that refuses to pay the biafran army after the civil war,how much is 30billion that davido is making noise”
(6). What of the ones that poverty have humbled,this ones are usually loyal,they can wash plates,sweep,wash clothes and cook. They just want to be useful since they can’t make money.
(7). The ones that has decided that since they can’t make money, nobody in the village will be successful,they will be wearing their juju on their waist.if they remember you eeh,na that time you go see hardship
(8). The ones that are poor but have hot temper,this ones are usually short like uwaezuoke. Every little thing,they will think that you are insulting them because they don’t have money
(9). The ones that are poor but their penis is very very very rich,if this ones touch you eeh, aunty,you are pregnant. No postinor or ogwu Igbo can abort the Fortis.
(10). By the mandate of heaven,in this remaining days of 2020,may you receive the auction to go and be rich and successful

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