With these 6 ways, you can overcome temptation

Temptation is a trial time a man faces that applies pressure to your thinking or sometimes an inducement purposely to make you fall a victim of that purpose

1. Avoid and flee from it; sometimes our descretion is the best form of weapon to use, just like Joseph avoided Potiphar’s wife, he flee from Temptation. Gen39:5

2. Offer your mind and thought to God, He knows your mind, don’t be obsessed nor deceived by glitters Phil4:8

3. Work on overcoming your selfishness, true love does not know selfishness

4. Expect and be ready for temptation, Temptations would always come but you must be ready for it to overcome it because even the Bible says that all days have evil but be strong enough to overcome them. Eph6:20

5. Remind yourself of the consequences of sins; always pray for firgiveness of your sins in other not to be penalised for it. Gal5:19-20

6. Memorise God’s Words; feeding our minds with the words of God and it will help you overcome the devil, it gives you courage over challenges and temptation!

Published by Ernest I.

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