Avoid taking too much of these 6 foods to prevent appendicitis if you want to have a long life

Welcome to my page, this article centers around appendix, a disease which can occur in the body and can be treated through surgical operation.

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What Is Appendix?

Appendix otherwise known as appendicitis is a disease that occurs when the appendix becomes inflamed. The appendix is 3 ½ inch-long tube of tissue that run down from the large intestine to the lower right side of the body.

Studies has indicated that appendicitis is the major cause of abdominal pain which can be treated through surgery. When you hesitate in treating appendicitis at its initial stage, it can lead to the bursting of the appendix which can make bacteria to spread to your abdominal cavity, this can lead to death.

Blockage of the appendix can lead to appendicitis. Cancer can also result into appendix disease. 

When you are infected with appendicitis, certain symptoms will be experienced in your body. If you begin to notice these signs below in your body, go for medical checkup immediately.

1. Loss of appetite.

2. Nausea.

3. Vomiting.

4. Pain in the upper abdomen.

5. Lack of digestion.

6. Pain in the lower right side of the abdomen.

7. Fever.

8. Abdominal swelling.

9. Diarrhea.

10. Low-grade fever.

11. Constipation.

Appendicitis is known by medical experts to occur when the part of your appendix is blocked. Some of the factors that can block your appendix include:

1. Traumatic injury.

2. Tumors.

3. Enlarged lymphoid follicles.

4. Intestinal worms.

5. Accumulation of hardened stool in the appendix.

Appendicitis is mostly common in people within the range of 10-30 years and most of them experience ruptured appendicitis. The only way to treat this disease is through surgical operation.

There foods you eat that can obstruct and cause burn in the intestine. Taking these foods in excess can lead to indigestion, this is a risk factor for appendicitis. Some of the foods that cause appendicitis include:

1. Fast food with high fat

Fast foods is a risk factor for appendicitis due to the high amount of fat it contains. Fast foods contains little fiber and are difficult to digest. There can lead to intestinal obstruction when always consumed and thus slows down food digestion. You can choose to consume vegetables, fruits, lentils and vegetables instead.

2. Foods that are hard to break when chewed

Foods that are hard to break when chewing them can lead to appendicitis as the small pieces of food that are not completely crushed can cause blockage in the appendix.

3. Red meat

Consumimg red meat can increase your risk of appendicitis as it contains high amount of iron and fat which makes it not to digest easily. Eating red meat in excess can cause constipation hence causing inflammation of the appendix.

4. Alcohol

Drinks that contains high amount of ethanol can increase your risk for appendix disease. Consumimg alcoholic drinks heavily can make digestion of food difficult, cause irritation to the intestines and also dehydration. 

5. Dairy products

Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, etc can lead to constipation and also increased gas. Taking dairy products in high amount obstructs digestion of foods thus increasing your risk for appendicitis. It is important to be careful of the amount of dairy products you consume. You can choose to consume foods rich in fiber instead of dairy products and also drink water regularly.

6. Chili and paprika seeds

Chili and paprika seeds does not really cause appendicitis but increase your risk for the disease, this is because this two things leads to digestive problem such as nausea and stomach pain.

When you consume chili and paprika seeds, there can clog up in the intestine which literally leads to appendix inflammation.

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