2 Mistakes you should not make no matter how love a girl

As they say, the one you love is the one you care for. To cherish and being helpful to a girl is a nice and wonderful thing but as a guy don’t do these two things because of the likeness you have for a girl. 

(1). To train a girl: Never you allow any girl to persuade you into doing such a thing because you like her. You can support your girl but to take full responsibility because she is the one you want to marry it’s not a good idea. I have seen where In Sapele, a guy trained a girl as a hairdresser, and she ended up with another man. Another, tailoring. Only a girl who has turned to your wife is your own. Learn from people’s mistakes.

(2). Distancing yourself from family and friends because of a girl, don’t do it; most especially if you are a senior son in your family. A girl told her guy that, “after our marriage, we won’t stay this town, because I don’t want my family people around”. Just imagine. That type of girl will frown even if your people visit you. In every relationship, as a guy, you are the head. If a girl’s character is not encouraging correct her on time. Because nobody survives in life with a friend or family.

Taking care of your girl in a relationship it’s very important, likewise, her advice. But don’t do anything that won’t benefit you, or make your life progress, because of the likeness you have for a girl.

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Published by Ernest I.

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