These 11 things attract money

Everywhere all over the world, everyone want to have money. Money is essential in our everyday life because money answers many things. Money makes the world go round. If you practice this 10 things it has power to attract money to you.

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1.      Value: I always tell people, don’t chase money chase value. When you add value to yourself you will become indispensable and money will gravitate towards you. Become a valuable person and you will attract money with ease.

2.      Honesty: it is said that honesty is the best policy. Honest people are very scarce to come by in our days. It is a scarce commodity but when you make up your mind to be honest people will recommend you and it will open many doors of opportunity for you.

3.      Skills: a lot of people just want money without the necessary tools. If you want money get skilled. Get skilled in the area of your interest and passion. Learning is part and parcel of life. The day you stop learning you start dying. All you know is all you have learnt, all you know is not all there is to learn. You want money to come to you learn a skill.

4.      Emotions: negative emotion attract poverty and repel prosperity while positive emotions attract prosperity and repel poverty and lack. Many people do not know that their emotions send out signals and whatever signal you send out determine what comes back to you, negative or positive. The state of our emotions determine the state of everything around us. Human being radiates energy and this energy can either be negative or positive. When you cultivate a habit of sending out positive energy it brings positive things back to you. That’s why if you smile at a person they tend to smile back. Rev Sam Adeyemi said ‘it is not that you are sad that’s why things are bad; thinks are bad because you are sad.

5.      You Mindset: The Bible says as you think in your earth so are you. If you think you are rich you are, if you think you are poor you are. Whatever you think about yourself is what you will eventually become. The quality of your heart cannot be better than the quality of your thought. The picture you have in your mind will go a long way to determine the things in your hand. Henry Ford said, ‘if you think you can you can, if you think you can’t you can’t.

6.      What you say: the word of your mouth carries weight over your life. Poor people are fond of saying all this rich people so, who are you? you are all this poor people; is that’s what you are saying to yourself? Can’t you say we the rich people. Many people’s negative confession is what brought poverty to them. Learn how to confess abundance over your life and you will gallivant towards prosperity. Your life follows the direction of your confession.

7.      Work: anyone that does not work must not eat says the Bible. What makes money comes to you is your work. Blessing does not stand in vacuum, it come upon peoples work. If you don’t have work nothing to bless and nothing comes to you. Don’t be idle find a work to do and do it diligently and you will see money coming to you.

8.       Solve problem for people: Dr. Creflo Dollar said every problem is a business and every business is a solution to a problem. Find a problem to solve and money will come to you. There are tons of problem that people are facing daily, find a way of solving it for them. A man went to India in the 80s and saw many people especially children walking bear footed. He ask people around him “did you see that? they said what? those are orphans”. But he could only see a business of shoe manufacturing. He came back to Nigeria and started exporting shoes to India selling it at a cheap price so that those orphans can wear something. Do you know the population of India? they are the second largest in the world. The man became instant millionaire. So what do you see around you? A problem or a solution.

9.      Create a product: when you create a product that people need, money will flows to your direction effortlessly. let me put it this way, Product + people =money. look at telecom industry, they provide communication over long distance, see how rich they are. there are still many product that people need. in transport, in agriculture, in food processing, what about technology. sit down pray for ideas and bring that product that the world is waiting for then, You are the next billionaire in the making

10.  Create multiple stream of income: don’t always put all your egg into one basket. Invest in several business and diversify you will have enough money.

11.  Increase your capacity to manage: instead of disturbing God with your fasting and prayers, increase your capacity to manage resources. Am not saying prayer and fasting is not good. Invisible resources are powerful and they are looking for who can manage them. God is looking for those who have enough capacity to manage heavenly resources. No matter how long you pray and fast God cannot give you resources you can’t manage. Remember the parable of the talent. He gave according to their individual ability. The one that was given one went to buried it. What a shame! he was rebuked and punished. And the only one he has was collected and given to the one that has ten. So, increase your capacity to manage resources and money will freely comes to you without struggle.


In our discussion on what attract money to you, I believe that all these things that I stated above will change your life for better if you make use and practice them. If this is useful for you drop your comment, like and share for other people to benefit from it. Blessings.

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