Men follow this procedure to solve erectile disfunction problem

It has been known from our forefathers that local and herbal medicine are the best to solve any health problem that we face on our day to day lives. However with the introduction of hospital prescribed medication, some have forgotten how this local herbs have been helping us from time memorial.

Several families have gotten into problems and with the end result being divorce. This is not because they lack their daily bread or money, but just because as a man you are supposed to fulfill your responsibility as a man apart from provision to the family.

Erectile disfunctions is a big issue that most of the family have separated. In view of this issue, the majority of the family has been isolated. It doesn’t speak explicitly to a family because men aren’t great at bedtime. Whatever we do for our partners, we must be intelligent to excel in bed on matters of sexual activity.

Several remedies are available to this solution from hospital prescription but we want to look on the natural ways of solving this problem without any side effects.

Everyone is aware of guavas and in one day or the other we have had a taste of this amazing fruits. What however most doesn’t know are the uses of its leaves which can solve this many problems that we are facing.

For one to solve his bedroom problems, take and dry the guava leaves. Granulate into powder after drying. Take a drink twice a day after eating and add to every beverage, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. You can see the works from outside the globe and changes while you drink for five days.

After completing this prescription, believe me you, your woman will be happy to have you around.

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