4 Types of sleeping position that tells the kind of woman you are dating

   For a long time, sleep patterns and sleep patterns have been used to define lifestyle, some of which are also attributed to the way a partner behaves in a sleepy posture that is of great secret support.

These 4 types of sleep behaviors indicate what type of couple you are dealing with.

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   These four sleeping positions are said to be due to the type of personality that a woman usually has.

   1. The Gummy Bear Position

   Maybe you give her a teddy bear and she hugs this lifeless object while sleeping as he is not hugged, not angry, most women with teddy bears tend to hug everything around them while sleeping, it means that she is a very sensitive and emotional person. Well, you can change the teddy bear and turn it into his real bear.

   2. The Plank Sleep Position

   Lying down, her hands close to her body means she is a woman who values ​​herself and others, sometimes very reserved and calm.

   3. Free fall position

   Some women have the characteristic of lying on the stomach in bed, which means that this sleepy belly means that this person is a very beautiful person, especially those who sleep under their pillows with their hands, but this woman is welcome . Personality and very emotional.

   4. Sideways position.

   On the other hand women who tend to sleep have a very calm personality even in difficult situations. Eventually people who take advantage of your generous nature tend to get hurt. Even if people break their faith, they do not leave easily, strong enough to forgive.

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   So if you have noticed one of these tendencies for your partner to fall asleep, leave a comment in the comment box and share.

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