4 Things that women like in a man

This Is What Women Really Like In A Man

It is a known saying that you have to look at something and find it attractive for you to want to have it.

Men are always the ones who are asked what they look for in a woman. This is what women look for in man:

An international magazine conducted a survey to find out what women truly want in man. The results of the surveys are that women do a whole lot of eye sampling.

1. 4-5s

According to the answers of most women in the survey, they look at the 4-5 before they date a man. It is not the size that matters most of the time, it is the thickness and appearance.

2. Their Bums

Women also love looking at the guys booties. Most women absolutely love looking at it and touching it.

3. The Stomach

Women are different. There are women who love guys with big bellies, and there are women who are attracted to guys with six packs.

4. The nails and nails

Women absolutely love guys who take care of men with nice and well kept hands and nails. The size of the hands matter too.

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