We often limit our thoughts of Jesus suffering to the crucifiction. Many times even forgetting the worst of cross was untihinkable agony of moment Father put our sins on Him for us.
However, Jesus entire life was one of pain and suffering far worse than any other man or woman who’s ever lived. God made sure of this, so there can be no argument for comparison, that Jesus act of love and sacrifice was one that could not be equaled. Not even close, at all, ever.
First andl foremost of course , only Jesus is God, so no one can be as humble as He, as unselfishly loving in taking on the form of a man to be Son of Man and Son of God.
He was born to ostracized parents, misunderstood as a boy and young man.
He lived all his life knowing what a life of suffering He would have.
Once in ministry, He had to leave home. Never to be married.
His best friend was beheaded.
His own brother James didn’t believe Him ( he converted only after His ressurection)
He lived on the run, and was often hunted down to be killed. He was not welcome in his hometown, and had no place to run and stay.
Jesus was constantly being used, pulled on, and drained by people who could not pour into Him.
He was tested by peers and authorities, mocked , and made fun of. And unique to Him, all this by people Jesus loved perfectly and hadn’t wronged in any way. He had His perfect heart broken over and over. Isaiah says His ” heart melted”.
The Spirit led Him to pray and fast for 40 days and being in verge of death, He was tempted by Satan himself.
He was eventually falsely accused, betrayed by a close friend , and three of His closest friends let Him down, not praying when He really needed them.
He was arrested, and all of His close friends, save the one who betrayed Him, ran and denied knowing Him.
The people He was about to die for, and again perfectly loved, rejected Him and called for His death.
He was beaten, bruised, scourged, carried His own cross.
He gave His life on the day His chosen people celebrated the freedom from slavery that He once gave them.
Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ lived a LIFE OF SUFFERING FOR US!
No one else in history has suffered anything close. He did it ALL for our victory over sin and death. He alone is indeed worthy!

Published by Ernest I.

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