How to avoid cultism

How To Avoid Cultism In School or At Home

Cultism has become a menace in our society lately as young boys and girls prefer to join for one reason or the other. The society and our schools are the most vulnerable when it comes to the activities of Cultism. 

The most awkward part of the whole scenario is that Cultism is not a good thing but some our youths chose to promote it. Although, some joined Cult Internationally while others were forced in. Those who were forced in always find means of possibly quitting which is most times very difficult. 

In this article, I am going to tell you how to avoid Cultism but Before I bring that to you, let us look at some subtopics;

 Why do people join Cultism? 

People join Cultism for several obvious reasons among which are;

1. To gain power and respect. 

On campus, you will see some set of people whom every students fears, including the lecturers. They may not read their books but they always want to pass. People fear and respect them because they are dangerous. This why some people join them.

2. To be protected.

Some join Cultism so as to be invincible and protected by members. They believe that when they became cult members, no one can kill them again which is not true.

3. To revenge.

This happens mostly on campus. When a student get into a fight with cult members, he might be forced to join another Cult so that he could deal with them. For some, it may be case of girlfriend snatcher; when a tough guy snatch their girlfriend, they might be forced to join Cultism so as to revenge. 

4. Cohesion.

Some did not actually join Cultism out of self will but through cohesive means by those who are members. When they see someone who possess the qualities they need, they might be encouraged to force such Person into joining them. 

Consequences of Being a Cultist.

If you join Cult, you might face all or some of the following consequences;

1. Untimely death. 

Inasmuch as they promised to protect you when you join them, know that the day you join them, your days on Earth are numbered. This is because nemesis can catch up with you at anytime. You may get involved with the Police or get butchered by other cult group during inter cult war. I know many who have died through this.

2. Crime.

Once you become a Cultist, you are opened to social vices such as Robbery, thugery and others. You know what happens to such people, the law will always hunt them down. 

3. It makes you I’ll mannered. 

Any young boy who Joins cult would no longer be afraid of people hence, loss of respect. It will make you not to respect elders simply because of the charm you are depending on. 

How to avoid Cultism. 

Like I said before, Cultism is not limited to school alone but also happens at home. 

Any young guy or girl going to the Tertiary institution is always mindful of Cultism. Even your parents would advise you not to join Cult in school. So how are you going to stay in school throughout without joining Cultism? Follow the tips below;

1. Maintain a low profile. 

No matter how rich your parents are, don’t show it on Campus because Cult guys love flashy guys. If you use Laptops and iPhone on campus, you may become their target so avoid using those things outside your hostel or lodge and behave like a poor Student.

2. Avoid violence by all means. 

No matter how strong you are, don’t fight to show your power because when they see that you are strong, they may be encouraged to lure you into joining them because they like strong men. Anytime you are tempted to fight, control you temper.

3. Avoid running after girls. 

For those who love jumping from one girl to another forming Casanova, you may end up jumping on their girlfriends which you know the implications. Therefore, do not form the habit of having an affair with any girl you see. If you must have, get one that you are sure has nothing to do with bad boys and save yourself from unforseen circumstances. 

4. Avoid clubbing with all your energy

Clubs are where they normally chillout so if you are the type that always go clubbing at night, you may meet your Waterloo. This is because they mostly fight in the club because of women and other things and their fight always involves gunshots. So kindly steer clear off clubbing both home and in school. 

5. Be more religious and behave like a primitive Person. 

Cult guys need those who are strong hearted and more exposed so while on campus, focus on God. Attend all your religious activities. When they see you, they will be calling you pastor and won’t harm you or try to lure you into joining them. 

6. Avoid hanging out with bad guys.

Know the kind of friends you should keep. Don’t keep friends that will end up influencing you to joining them. Most importantly, stay away from friends that smokes and drinks because you don’t know who is one of them. Be in company of those that takes their Academics so seriously so you don’t fall into their hands.

That’s it people! Try as much as possible to say No to Cultism and make the society a better place. 

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