35 Funny pictures that will make you forget your sorrow.

Laughter is the best medicine, whenever you feel sad or you’re not feeling happy, all you need to do is find something that will put a smile on your face.

Below are some funny pictures and jokes that will make your day, make sure you relax yourself and enjoy them.

Check them out below:

That awkward and hilarious moment when a village girl tries to escape from a wild animal so she climbed up and waiting for someone to help her.

This Tailor was given a huge some of money just to sow a perfect designed dress but she use all the money to buy drink and she sew nonsense.

You’re looking for a husband and your busy wasting your hard earned money on photoshoot instead of you to start a business and wait for him to come find you.

I have noticed that whenever my phone is off due to low battery, that is the time I think about my life more. I don’t just know if it happens to you as well.

In most times, secondary school teachers most especially the English teachers can be very annoying at times when it comes to giving out marks.

Thanks for viewing. Let us know the one that got you laughing the most. Share yours in the comment section below.

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