See The First Launched Railroad Train Suspended Within The Air Without Pilot.

China will not cease to amaze the world with their level of technological sophistication and advancement. While the world is trying to recover from the effect of the Corina Virus pandemic, China is showcasing their latest technology. China has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that as touching technological innovation, they are ahead of the whole world.

While the other countries of the world like Nigeria are trying to set up railways to at least avail them the opportunity to have a train moving on land, China has launched a sky train that can accommodates over 400 persons onboard with the capacity to transport 1000 persons per hour. Aside from China, other nations of the world that boast of this technology include Japan and European nations.

The latest technology was launched by the China Railway Science and Trade cluster business Firm(CRSIGC). The sky train, however, runs at lower speed; their ordinance stood at 80km/hour

One of the most amazing things about this technology is that it is pilotless, meaning it doesn’t need a pilot to run. The technology for self-driven cars was employed in making this latest creation. The latest sky train is a self-driven train.


Remember, China already launched an artificial moon and sun. With the level of intelligence demonstrated by China, it is Crystal clear that in no time, technology will do the unimaginable and the unthinkable. One will not be surprise if in no times we have mobile suspended houses that can move from one country to another.

What do you think about the latest technology of China and the future of Technology generally? Please kindly share your opinion in the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow, like, and share this piece for more updates.

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