5 Foods to avoid during pregnancy, they can harm the baby

The health of your wife should be of utmost importance to you as a married man. There are a lot of things involved in pregnancy, which is why you need to pay attention to your wife, especially when she is pregnant. By ensuring that she eats well, relaxes well, and is always in a healthy state, you need to take good care of her. So today I carry this important article to you, an article that any responsible husband should not pray with. Knowing that not all foods are safe for a pregnant woman is also important. You need to know that she is in a very vulnerable state and needs caution and careful treatment. Each food has a job / function of its own. “The gander may not be suitable for food that is good for the geese.” Therefore, you should take a look at five foods that during pregnancy could affect your wife badly. They are as follows:

1. Eggs (especially undercooked ones)

The majority of eggs contain “Salmonella”. Salmonella Salmonella is a category of infectious bacteria. If the egg has to be consumed by your pregnant wife, then make sure it’s cooked very well. It needs to be cooked until all the egg yolks are firm, so all the salmonella in it has to be destroyed.

2. Bush meats (especially grasscutter meat)

This one has a long tradition in Nigeria, and is still observed up to now. There are tiny parasites in bush meat most of the time, and if it is not cooked enough, then there will be a problem. If it contains parasites, the risk of developing “toxoplasmosis” is high. The infection of the parasite can so badly damage the baby.

3. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and cocoa

There is “caffeine” in those foods mentioned above. Caffeine is very readily consumed and quickly passes into the placenta, impacting the foetus. Since the foetus does not have the enzymes required to metabolize, the development of the baby may be restricted by high levels of caffeine and the risk of low birth weight can increase.

4. Pineapple

For pregnant women, pineapple is very dangerous , especially in the first trimester. Pineapple may cause a sudden contraction of the uterus or even miscarriage. Pineapple produces an enzyme called Bromalin, which is capable of softening the uterus, contributing to early labor.

5. Starchy foods

It is not necessary for your wife to take Starchy items frequently. For eg, flakes of cassava (garri), yam, etc. It could cause the baby to gain extra weight, making it so difficult to deliver. So, therefore, there is a clear urge to run it.

You must do as much as possible during your wife’s gestation cycle to take good care of her. Taking care of her includes ensuring that she remains in a safe state. You should make sure she’s not eating the above-mentioned items. The stable delivery of your wife has to be your concern.

Note: our body is different, so if your wife responds to any other foods during pregnancy, then you must also ensure that she avoids it.

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