15 Secrets to a woman’s heart

The secret to a woman’s heart is not money but “attention and communication”.

Money is good to spice up a relationship but it is not enough to keep a virtuous woman.

Any man can admire a wan but it takes a gentle man to make a woman beautiful and admirable. Also remember that every woman has a trait of nagging, but it will become obvious when you are not straight forward.

#help her to love you better tips#

1.dating is advisable but let your intention focus on marriage.

2.bring out time and reason together, know her likes and dislikes.(there is love in playing together)

3.if you can’t satisfy one woman you cannot make a good husband…. Real men understand that on is enough.

4.A woman can forget the day you took her out but she can never forget the day, month,year you cheated on her.

5.be very sure you want her in your live world before giving her hope of marriage.

6.don’t waste her time if you don’t want to marry her…genuinely define your intention from the onset and keep to it.

7.if you don’t know the secret to make her happy, you are not romantic.

8.not every woman want “already made” some are ready to transfer their blessing if you are trustworthy.

9.real men do not engage in “sex”, they prefer ” love making”. With “bride price” love making becomes a legal entity.

10.it is possible to make her happiness your priority;help her to actualize her aspirations.

11. Respect her opinions, it makes her feel valued.(every woman wants you to carry her along, not after decision has been made)

12. If you think its not working….. Be bond and open to say your mind….

13. Stop calling her baby, use name that has positive impact. what happened to “treasure”, ” mine” “choice” “Angel” “desire” e.t.c

14. Send her MONEY, if you don’t have…..send airtime, they love alert… Let it be alert of something. (Love without giving becomes a mockery of the heart).

15.Do not forget that the alter of prayer is the alter of the right choice…..

Help her to love you better

Don’t shout at her

Don’t use her past against her

Be her strength not her weakness..

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