First Things Women Notice in Guys Before They Make the First Move

Women know well how to study guys without them noticing it actually. The work of a guy in the foundation of a lasting relationship, is to make the first move.

It matters more how you make your approach to a woman. It is what determines whether she will accept or reject you. A Woman is always very smart in choosing the guy she wants to be with.

Every woman has her own expectation and requirements that she wants her suitor to have. But there are those common things that you must ensure you keep right about yourself before approaching any woman.

In that case, the reason for this article is to let you know the first things women notice about you before you begin talking to her. As a guy, ensure you keep these things right if you really want a woman to like you.

After a successful interview, we came up with few key things that women notice about you before accepting to talk to you. We will be discussing them shortly.

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Here are few things that women notice about you the moment you make your approach;


Well, how you dress up and your appearance matters so much. A lady notices this and it determines whether to either give you her time or let you go.

You should therefore, look nice in your dressing. Find out how to match codes of clothes and feel comfortable with it.

It depends with whether you are comfortable yourself in your appearance or not. You first should be comfortable before you expect someone, a woman, to see it in you.


Another thing that women note about a guy is how you interact with people. She will notice this in how you speak to her.

You should therefore, start working on your communication skills and interact with new people always.

This will make you feel more comfortable when approaching a lady for the first time. Most guys have less vibes that makes women reject them. Start working on your vibe today.


The first word that guys say when they meet a woman is “Hi“. You see, that first word exposes your teeth and they notice. A woman can not accept a guy with brown and colored teeth.

A guy who do not take his time to use a brush and ensure that the mouth looks okay. You should take care of the hygiene of your mouth before approaching a lady.

In conclusion, you should learn to ensure that your cleanliness comes first in your daily routine work. That is, if you are truly tired of being single.

We have to stop here and welcome your opinions. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section, down below. Otherwise have a nice time.

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