5 Secrets to unlock a woman’s heart.

The heart of a woman can not be that hard that you can’t unlock it. A man who is ready to unlock a woman’s heart must also be ready to stand anything. It can be hard at first, but with high persistence and high spirit of love, within time, you will unlock her heart. If you’re not smart enough, you won’t be able to unlock her heart.

Below are 5 ultimate secrets to unlock a woman’s heart.

1. Claim your woman.

Unlocking a woman’s heart is like taking a full responsibility. You should be ready to claim your woman no matter what. Every woman want a man that can claim them, stand solidly for them, show them true love and be ready to stand by their side when they’re needed most. You can’t claim your woman if you can’t make sacrifice for her, if you can’t prove her wrong, there is no way you be able to unlock her heart.

2. Trust yourself.

You need to be certain of what you want by trusting yourself. Every steps, decision and actions should be taken accordingly. If you don’t trust yourself enough, you won’t be able to unlock a woman’s heart. So trust yourself first, this is the way you can easily unlock a woman’s heart.

3. Bypass the resistance.

What I mean by resistance here is her behaviour, rejections from her and her attitude. She might decide to test your integrity, if you can’t bypass the resistance, you won’t be able to unlock her heart. If you truly love her, you won’t mind evey rude attitude of hers.

4. Be open enough to her.

Women really love it when men is open with them, they see a reason to trust such guys and even feel more uncomfortable. If you’re not open enough with her, unlocking her heart will be hard, because she won’t be able to trust you enough and handover her heart to you.

5. Don’t hide your feelings from her.

If you like and love her, then tell her, don’t just go around her and pretend you don’t have anything to do with her. Confess your love, let her know how you feel, that’s how you unlock her heart. If you don’t tell her soon enough, someone else will do.

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