How To Satisfy Your Woman Without Having To Spend Too Much Money

The joy of men is to see the woman in their life happy. Some men always say ‘you can never satisfy a woman’. Well, before you think of satisfying a woman, you really need to understand what woman want. It’s just like somebody is thirsty of water and you give the person bread. Can bread satisfy thirst? – no.

Some men have the belief that the only thing women want is money and other material things. But the reality is, women need far more than that. Women may be materialistic, but they are also more emotional than men. In fact nowadays most women work, so most of them can even take care of themselves in terms of material things. If you take care of one aspect and ignore the other, then there will be problem.

Here are five things that satisfy women in a relationship without you having to spend much.

1. Attention

Women love attention far more than most men think. They value attention even more than money. As a man, always spend quality time discussing with your woman. When discussing with her, learn to give her a listen to what she’s saying without offering your own opinion or trying to solve the problem. In most cases, when women talk about their problems, they don’t necessarily want you to solve them. All they want is somebody to share their burdens with.

When your woman closes for the day, ask her how her day went, listen to her, pay attention and gradually you will realise her love for you will be boundless.

Mind you, like I mentioned earlier, women love attention – it’s natural. So if you refuse giving the attention they want, they might lightly seek it from someone else.

2. Give her advice

If you want to establish yourself as a valuable person in a woman’s life, always give her healthy advice. Be the one she will discuss with when she has a challenge because she knows you will give her good advice.

Also note, when she comes to you for advice, don’t try to judge her, especially if she had made a mistake because if you do, she won’t open up to you next time.

3. Buy her gifts

This is a great way to make your woman happy. Women love it when you buy her things without her asking you. Take for example, if a woman asks you to buy her something of 20k and you buy it for her, she will be happy but if you buy her something of 5k without her asking you, she will value it more than what you bought for 20k.

The simple reason is that, when you buy her things without asking, it shows you are concerned about her and you are caring. No matter the small amount you have, surprise her by buying something for her.

4. Pamper her

Women loved to be pampered. When the both of you are together, try touching her in a caring way.

If possible, rub her back and make her feel comfortable around you.

5. Respect her

Respecting a woman doesn’t mean you are a weak man. In fact, respect is a sign of strength. It only takes someone with confidence and high self esteem to respect a woman.

These are just few things that could bring satisfaction to your woman. Money is always one thing that you will give women, but that’s not all.

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