Types of businesses you can invest in without resigning from your job

  1. Storage Business
    The business involves buying agricultural produce at their season from farmers, storage of such products and finally reselling them when it is low in supply. It is lucrative but needs storage facilities and capital to start up.
    You do not need to quit your job before embarking on storage business. All you need do is to, get enough storage facility, learn how to preserve the commodity, know where to buy the commodity, investing your capital and finally, know the time to sell your commodity.
    Types of things you can buy and store:
    – Melon
    – Yams
    – Maize
    – Millet
    – Palm oil
    – Beans
    – Rice
    – Ogbono
    The commodities are bought during harvest and store till when the demand is low.
  2. Cleaning:
    Cleaning involves waste management services rendered for payment.
    Scout round some Estate within your neighbourhood for cleaning service opportunities. Some estates are not registered with waste management companies and so you can give them your proposal to manage the waste of all households living in the estate. When they agree, you can employ few people depending on the size of the estate and the amount of money they agree to pay you.
    You can also expand your coast by making proposals to clean plazas and some shopping complexes within your neighbourhood. Those of them without proper waste management plan can allow you manage their waste while they pay you.
  3. Supply:
    Locate areas where production is high like Aba in Abia State or any other place in the country.
    If it is leather business or fabrics you want to go into, all is possible in Aba markets. You can get beautiful shoes at a low price, buy and supply traders in that line of business. You may not be travelling, but you can establish a contact, means of supply and a means of payment through electronic transfer.
  4. Poultry product:
    Egg supply or distribution is a good one as you do not need to quite your job to do this type of business. What you need to do is:
    – Register with different poultry farms in your area. The reason for registering with different farm is to guarantee egg availability, so you don’t dissappoint your customers.
    – Do your marketing by telling people that you can supply them eggs especially provision shops, egg traders in the markets, tell your neighbours and even go out with some crates if you have a car.
    – During weekends, you can visit the farms, create contact and subsequently, they can be supplying you at your door step.
    – Make sure an order is placed by your customers before calling the farm for any supply.
  5. Networking Business:
    It involves marketing some company’s products and also referring people to join you in the business. You are rewarded based on your performance.

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