Reason why couples get “stuck” during intimacy and how to resolve it.

Incidences of couples getting “stuck” during intimacy is not a completely new phenomena.

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Due to the superstitious nature of Kenyans, the act is highly associated with witchcraft with many believing that the victims involved are engaging in an illicit affair a notion that is completely untrue.

This is infact a medical condition called vaginismus and is characterized by the involuntary contraction of a woman’s kegel muscles. This can result to physical pain or significant levels of discomfort especially for the man.

Male victims have often described it as trying to remove ones hand from the mouth of a crocodile which can be intimidatingly painful.

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Due to the embarrassment associated with this medical condition,not very many people openly talk about it even spouses don’t often discus it fearing they might suffer the same fate.

Doctors attribute factors such as anxiety during childbirth and infections as the leading causes of this condition. More research is needed on this subject to fully understand the causes.

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To those caught up in the situation, doctors advise them to relax and try to distract themselves by reading a book or watching TV. Once the woman has relax, the ordeal is over but when that doesn’t work, the two must engage the services of a medic.

Next time you witness such an act, don’t be quick to recommend the services of a witchdoctor. Now you know better.

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