Many hardworking christians will never be successful till they start to obey these 2 simple rules

A lot of Christians believe that praying to God, reading your bible and obeying the golden rule (love your neighbour as yourself) is enough to make one super successful. 

Some still went further into believing that just praying to God is a key to success. That is why one would usually see such people spend their working hours in the church day-in day-out and expect daily bread to fall from heaven like in the day of Moses.

There are still some other set of Christians who are quite hardworking, and committed in church, yet things seem not to be going well for them. 

Several nights, they stay up crying to God, a lot of fastening and prayers yet things would appear unchanged.

It is important to understand that a times God deliberately allows it to be so. During this period of time something bigger is usually being prepared ahead for you but you would not know and immediately you fall off from faith, you’re likely going to lose it all.

The Bible said that we are born to be givers and not beggars, whenever as a christian you find yourself in a begging condition, it either means you’re serving a punishment for your iniquities or you’re being prepared for something bigger.

Here Are 2 Rules You Must Obey For Things To Be Well With You

1. Paying Of Tithes

Stealing from God is the easiest way to be unsuccessful. How do we steal from God? By not paying our tithes. Malachi 3:8-10 stresses on this heavily.

It works like magic for those who trust and believe in God.

If you’re not paying your Tithe, you can work as hard as you like but believe me, you can never be as successful as you’re meant to be.

2. Making Sacrifices

Another thing that works like magic is making sacrifices.

This includes giving to the poor, helping the widows, helping the helpless. It’s pretty ironical that evil people know how to utilize this rule more than we that pronounce ourselves good.

Giving is the secret of receiving, if you can be wiling to conquer that part of you that keeps holding you from giving, then your breakthrough is near.

Proverbs chapter 11 verse 24-25 says

‘A man may give freely, and still his wealth will be increased; and another may keep back more than is right, but only comes to be in need’.

A lot of hardworking Christians shall remain poor till they die, if only they would start to make sacrifices and pay their tithes consistently.

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