5 Things guys do to win a rich lady’s heart.

Lots of guys today have the mindset that rich ladies are difficult to approach and because their standard is a bit or much higher than that of the guy, she would turn them off and also ignore them; however, this isn’t true.

As much as we have rich babes who are arrogant, stubborn and full of themselves, there are those who are gentle, caring, loving and ready to give chances to a guy who loves them.

If we say a guy who “loves” them, we will be referring to a guy who has characters that they want.

It should be firstly noted that rich ladies already have money and thus, you cannot use your money to impress them; also, you cannot buy their love with money, but some other ways and can be said to be unique.

For a lady who is busy with work, working tirelessly to earn and be among the top richest men in the world, she wouldn’t have time for frivolities and thus, there will be traits she will look for in a man that will show interest in her.

Thus, below are five things a man can do to win her heart or make himself look attractive to her.

1. Dress smart

Again, a lady does not want to be impressed by your money, but she wants to see a guy who takes care of himself and looks good; and this will refer to the man’s physique.

A guy that dresses shabbily can never win such a lady’s heart because that would be below her standards.

Rich ladies appreciate a guy who has a good dress sense and a good show to go with it; dresses neatly and corporately.

2. Talk intelligently

A man with great intellectual will be someone appreciated by a rich lady, and in fact, every lady.

Such a guy will be full of sense, and will speak calmly, and with intelligence.

No lady will not fall for a guy who is brilliant.

So, your IQ is one of such ways with which you can make a rich lady fall for you.

3. Make her laugh

Like I said earlier, a rich lady will be busy with work and won’t have time for frivolities, and thus, to see a man who jokes around her; make her happy and make her laugh will be what she will easily fall for.

Laugh reduces stress and straightens the mind; and thus, she would be in need of that; a man who can make her laugh and fill her heart with joy.

4. Be independent

Laziness cannot be tolerated around a rich lady, because she’s not lazy herself.

We’re not referring to a lady who inherited properties and now spending lavishly, but one who worked for her money and invested in it; trust me, you wouldn’t even want to be lazy with her around.

She would want a man who doesn’t depend on her; who doesn’t even put on his mind that he has a woman who’s rich, but works on his own and earn independently.

5. Be real

Lots of men try to put up appearances around a lady in a greater position than themselves, and they think that is the best well to impress them; it’s definitely a NO.

They are such that will borrow and wear clothes they cannot afford; dress extravagantly, and they aren’t the owner; borrow cars and others.

It will be better to show your true colour; let her know what you have and what you don’t have; don’t be deceitful; and then, you will know where you stand.

These will definitely be helpful, because we can fall in love with anyone, and if she’s a rich lady, you can know how to make her fall for you.

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