5 Mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to fall back to chronic poverty in life.

5 Mistakes You Should Never Make If You Don’t Want To Fall Back To Chronic Poverty In Life.

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Every man’s dream is to put an end to chronic poverty in their linage. Nobody actually likes the conditions of eating from hand to mouth, everyone needs a better and comfortable life. A life where you do what you wish to do, travel to where you wish to travel to without experiencing financial constraints.

It is also important to note that money is wealth and wealth is health, a wealthy man is an healthy man and healthy man is a wealthy man.

This article points out five basic mistakes people should not make if they don’t want to fall back to chronic poverty.

1. Never live a life of savings: You want to add values to your finances and you are saving money in the bank? It should not occur that way, you are going backward unknowingly, look for investment partnerships and do business to expand your finances and financial coasts. Recently, the Nigerian Treasury bill fell from 3.5% to 0.5%, meaning that as an investor who is investing your money on Treasury bill, you only get 0.5% of the amount of money you invest per annum, that is too poor. Instead, there are other #Investment plans and Companies all around paying between 40-55% Interest or ROI (Return On Investment) per annum, but since you were not informed you will not know, now that I have informed you, time is now to grow your finances, Invest your money on good paying Investment Companies or Bank.

2. Never live a life of permanent tenancy: Let me state it clearly for proper understanding, especially for residents of Lagos and Abuja. You are working maybe for big organizations or for yourself and you are living in a rented duplex that you are paying 5 million and above per annum, that is quite irrational, what if something bad happens to your job or business, how would you be renewing your rent? Meanwhile, with that amount and above, you can get to acquire your own land in same #Lagos and #Abuja, depending on your budget and the location. Often times, landed properties both buildings and lands usually come up at both affordable and expensive prices, get your permanent property and stop being a tenant. Touch the WhatsApp button above for information and connections to get your own Properties anywhere in Lagos and Abuja.

3. Do not spend too much money on social life: Never aim to spend too much on social life like drinking, clubbing and so on. Social life is good and fine, but giving too much attention to it would ruin your finances.

4. Never stop learning: learning is power and learning continue to keep you ahead of others. Get to acquire more skills about what you like most and what makes meaning to you. This keeps you on top of the game and will always put food on your table.

5. Never marry too many wives: Do not #marry more women than you can control, importantly, marrying one is enough and never make many mistakes impregnating different women. When you get all your children from the same woman you are married to, there would be continuous unity and corporation, there would be misunderstandings and plans to sell off Father’s property in a situation where you get from here and there. Never Make these five mistakes if you don’t want to fall back to chronic poverty.

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