9 Things Guys Do That Girls Don’t Understand

Characters exhibited by a human being has at least a base and a heading point, most a times you complain about some awkward characters your brothers or your boyfriend shows without knowing what caused it. In my earlier article, I wrote about that of the girls, this week I will be telling you what the guys do that most of the girls hardly understand the reason behind them.

The 9 things your boyfriend may be doing that you don’t understand are explained below

1) Why guys prefer drinking from the Keg

Most guys would rather take juices and drinks from the kegs instead of having a glass of juice. You should know guys do this because they take it as a competition, who drinks more or less. That is why men’s conversation feature comparison of their abilities and capabilities

2 ) Why Guys give each other awkward name

It’s so funny that men can nickname themselves to names that are really bad at the sight of girls, names like Mr Shit, Billy Goat among others. Lady’s never feel bad if your brothers or your boyfriend is nicknamed just know that all guys use them for fun, men don’t take it to heart.

3) Why Guys Love Watching football for Hours or Days

Football is like a missing rib in almost 90% of men, They won’t be happy to miss any match especially if it’s that of their supporting club or major opposing club, So try to accommodate your man if he is staking much into football, it’s just their thing

4) Why most guys don’t care about their look even when going to parties

The reason guys attend parties is to get fun and not to show off, That is why guys would dress casual without caring what people will say, they don’t care

5)Why men adjust their trousers In public

Most guys you see adjusting their trousers are fixing their balls and making sure it is intact in case of any “had I known story”

6) Why men act like babies when sick

Guys do this to get pampering from their girls or their mum. That is why most guys cannot endure fever and other little ailments

7) Why Guys prefers to wear briefs

Because they are basically binding their junk to their body, making them more attractive to the girls.

8) Why some guys can pursue girls even with their last strength only to dump her later

Like I said before, guys are competitive once they noticed a new girl in the street and have staked on who to get her, do you know that some would bet with a huge amount of money just to win the Lady’s heart only to let her go after he had gotten his money.

9) Why most guys don’t talk to their parents as much as the girls do

It is because they feel they have grown and has every right for whatsoever they do

This is because guys are open to each other, they talk business when they meet with men from other works of life and possibly get links and deals from them.

In conclusion

All these points are not mutually exclusive, a real man must be guilty of one of them. Everything in life has a base point, same as the scar on the finger below 

Something led to its occurrence. Our associations also have a role to play in everything that we do.

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