8 Things You Should Tell Your Son Before He Becomes 18 Years Old

1) In a short time from now, you will become a man.

2) Making your life decisions will soon become something you will have to decide on. But don’t worry, God will always be there to guide you to make the right choices.

3) Peer pressure will soon come at you in its full strength, but don’t quiver, and never let your friends define your lifestyle.

4) Following trends of wanting to buy the popular clothes, shoes, phones and other material things will soon be one of your priorities. But my son, spend wisely.

5) Having a relationship with ladies will soon start to be one of the things you feel and need. This is not wrong my son, every man has a missing rib that needs to be filled. But never allow your feelings to take away your senses.

6) Crushing on girls will soon be an everyday thing for you, but control yourself

7) Making money and living well will soon become your priority, but my son, never become a servant to money.

8) Independence will be one of your most outspoken feelings very soon, but my son, never forget your family.

The advice listed above are some of the necessary words every parent are supposed to enlighten their children with. But in as much as they are necessary, many parents still fail to tell their children these things, which leaves many children open to bad counsel from people they meet outside or even inside their family circuit. This may be a friend, an uncle, an auntie or something they relate with but has bad influence on them.

As Children grow, they learn not only from their parents, but also other people around them. And the truth is, learning wrong things is almost inevitable for a child. Nevertheless, children are not robots, they will always remember what their mum or dad told them in times of their absence. This is were not giving this advises to a child becomes deadly, as they will be vulnerable to evil advises from others.

It is best and safer for your children to learn from you, than to be shown how things work by an outsider. Not all children are lucky enough to get good advices from people who are not in their household, so please tell your children these things before they give ears to the wrong mouth.

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