7 Common Money Wasters To Avoid

In every adversity their is a blessing.

This pandemic has come, not only with its hardship, chaos and suffering but also with lessons and sense… a whole bunch of sense.

It explains things to us in clear terms. If we are quick to forget all the lesson that came with Covid-19, let’s remind ourselves of this two;

(1) We realize we waste money on a lot of things we don’t need

(2) We can survive any hardship

Here are 9 common money wasters.

If you want to be financially secure and be sufficient with the little you have, cut down on these things.

1. Data Subscription

Data Subscription remains one of the top money wasters, so common among young people.

Assuming it is mostly used for good purposes like business, education and research. It would have been justifiable, but no!

Majority of people who buy data, do so for insignificant purpose.

Some use it for scamming, other watch videos and shows that doesn’t add value to their life.

It more disheartening to know that the amount some people spend annually on data doing nonsense and achieving nothing in particular is enough to buy a plot of land in a good location…so pathetic.

2. Phone Call

I can see a lot of people on this table I’m about to shake.

Again, I must remind you that it is not the amount you spend on these things that really matter, but the return you get from them.

Assuming you spend #200,000 annually on phone calls and seal business deal worth of #1.3M in total for that year – that is absolutely fine. 

Be let’s be sincere to ourselves, how many people fall in that category?

3. Movie Subscription

You will hear them say, I can not come and kill myself, and the next thing you’ll see them doing is watching a movie they pay to have access to.

They will spend hours watching such movie(s). 

My brother my sister, if you fall in this category…come let whisper something to your ears (you’ve killed already)

How can you use your hard earned money to waste your irreplaceable time…..reason am now

4. Eating Out

Ladies it’s your turn, come let have a dialogue, some guys too should also follow them.

So you said you want to enjoy live and not kill yourself. Is that why you abandon your own at home and prefer eating out always?…well done.

His can you leave your fresh food at home, and go out to buy another just because you want to look tush? 

Once a while is not bad, but once it becomes an habit… You’re doom, to get out will become a problem.

A fee at a go won’t seem much, but when you sit down to calculate the amount you’ve spent on eating outside frequently in a year.

It is then you’ll realize you’re the reason you’re not financially buoyant. 

5. Shopping

Why does it seem like, ladies are the ones mostly involved in these things

By saying, “ladies” I don’t mean all lady, some ladies are saver and good manager of money – kudos to you if you’re one of them.

Shopping is good….when you have the capability to shop. Even when you have the capability to do so, it should be done in moderation.

Too much of shopping will take away your money and other things like “time“, away from you. Beware.

6. Designer Items

It’s so funny how poor people dress to look like the rich, while the rich dress simple just the way the poor does.

Designer items are made for people who really can afford it.

There is no way you can be financially buoyant when you’re fond of buying branded items when you don’t have the means.

7. Tipping People

No matter the amount you’ve been giving to people as tip, the moment you fail to tip them, you start losing your credibility. 

Buying people’s love and affection with money is common these days, if you’re one of those doing this, I dearly urge you to stop.

It is better you limit that behaviour now or you abruptly stop it, than fail to do so and fall victim of “had I known”.

Let people who will love you and respect you, do so at their own willing.

With this, I be ending the writeup.

Thanks for reading

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