4 things you must stop doing in excess if you want to be rich.

The gap between poverty and riches is so wide, but the sad truth is that certain ideologies and principles determines whether one will be rich or poor at the end. If you are still young and yearning to know rules of success and riches, then you should count yourself lucky to be here.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the four (4) things you must stop doing of excess of, if you care to be rich and successful. I will state these things with reasons why you must stop them and how they can make you unsuccessful in the long run.

1. You Must Stop Sleeping Excessively: consult books, get history of people that are super successful on earth, you will get to know that these people didn’t make sleep the main aim of their lives. Rich and successful people really had a time of sleeplessness and resilience before getting to where they are and instead of envying them or saying, they were favoured, try to emulate them by taking anything you’re doing so seriously that you can skip nights of sleep for it.

2. Keeping Alot of Friends Even Unambitious Ones: while it is still good to keep friends because as the saying goes, all work with no play makes jack a dull boy. It is important you take note that keeping Alot of Friends including the ones that have no vision or similar principles with you can result to poverty and backwardness. Rich and successful people don’t keep too many friends, they only keep useful friends that have same ideology about life like them.

3. Taking Excessive Risks: don’t get me wrong here, a risk taker is most times a winner but some risks are not really worth it. Taking Excessive risks can send you back to square one and render you useless and incapable in the society. No matter how good a risk taker you are, never take uncalculated risks. Take wise risks that you know will yield something meaningful and not excessive useless risks that will only send you back to square one.

4. Excessive Hatred For Books: anyone that reads alot is always informed and being informed can actually make you successful. If you are the type that hates reading books to the highest level, then I will suggest you retrace your steps as that can actually render you useless. In this part of the world, educated people lead and there is no way you will be too scared of books and make it so much.

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