3 Habits For Wealth Creation

Growing up as a kid, I was inquisitive to know why God made some people  rich and others to be poor. I also grew up with this notion that some selected people have being designed by God to be successful while others are meant to be poor but my ideologies changed when I read a book titled “ understanding your potential” by Dr Myles Munroe. I later discovered in that book that God made all humans with great potential to rule as kings on the earth.

It is never the plan of God for you to be poor or live a life of misery. In fact he said in the book of Jeremiah 29 : 11 “ I know the plans I have for you. The plan to bring you prosperity and not disaster, the plan to bring about the future you hope for”. We are all made in the image and likeness of an omnipotent God hence we possess the same nature of potential as God.

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Your birth was never a mistake irrespective of the way you came to this world. Your existence is a sign that God has a greater plan for you. You were created for a purpose and that is where your true fulfillment lies. The reason so many people are poor is that there have refused to find out the reason for their existence. Once you are at the center of what God has created you to be, you can never be poor in life.

If you are currently facing financial struggle in life, I want you to know that all hope is not lost. Once you can do the right thing, you will begin to attract money into your life. There are 3 vital things that can change your financial situation if only you can start doing them right now. There include:

1.    Change your mindset

This is the first on the list because a man can never grow above his mind. The book of proverbs 4:23 says “be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts”. So many people are poor because of the wrong thoughts there allow to frame their mind. You can never be rich if you believe money is meant for a specific set of people. You can never be rich if you believe you will need a huge amount of money to make more money. Be careful of the things you allow into your mind.


Never allow your current situation to make you believe you cannot be rich. Always see yourself as rich and prosperous because the law of attraction is at work. Whatever you picture in your mind, you attract. A change of mindset is the first step to take if you must be rich.

2.    Discover yourself and find your purpose

What are you good at? What makes you happy? What will you do even if you are not paid for? What truly fascinates you? What appeals to your heart and ignite something in you? These are some of the questions that will help you discover the real you and what God has created you for.

Like I said earlier, your existence is a sign that God has placed something in you in which the world needs. There must be a skill you are good at. Discover it and work on it. So many people are poor because there don’t want to work. So know what there are good at but are lazy to put in extra work. I want to tell you that nobody ever stumbles upon success by luck.

It takes action, hard work backed up with persistence to be successful. Your discovery of the real you hold the key to your wealth and fulfillment in life. Settle down and discover yourself. Sharpen and refine the skills you are good at, search for opportunities and see how God will bless you.

3.    Get financial intelligence

So many people are in poverty today because there don’t know how money works. Financial intelligence is more important that money itself because it will help you sustain the money you have. Try and learn how money works. Learn about investing and how to make your money produce more money for you. This is a very important secret of the rich and you can master it also.

You can get financial intelligence by reading good books on finances. Books such as ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki andThink And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill are very good. you can also buy audio tapes on finances. Attending seminars on finances is a very good way to help expand your horizon also.

Money is not to be pursued but to be attracted by who you become. These 3 tips above hold a vital access to your wealth if only you can obey them. It is the will of God for you to live your life as a king on earth and not as a slave. Adhere to the tips of this article and see how money will locate you.

Hope what I have shared in this article is worth your time? Please share this message to help others also.

Thanks for reading.

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