10 Good Usefulness of “Shea Butter”

Shea butter is a fat extracted from the wood of shea.

   Solid at warm temperature and white in color. Shea trees are found in West Africa and therefore most shea butter.

   Shea butter has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for centuries. Its high content of vitamins and fatty acids makes it an excellent product for smoothing, soothing and treating your skin.

   In this article, I want to highlight 10 amazing benefits of using shea butter.

   Shea butter extracted from the seeds of the shea plant (Paradoxical Vitellaria) is, as I said earlier, the most common nut in Africa.

   These nuts are crushed, cooked and activated to create a mild fat commonly known as shea butter.

   So many people nowadays use shea butter to make skin and hair lotions.

   The current, Let’s reach the heights:

   10 good benefits of shea butter;

   1. Restore skin elasticity.

   2. Treat acne and bruises.

   3. Reduce skin inflammation.

   4. Reduces itching and peeling of the skin.

   5. Reduces stretch marks.

   6. Restores damaged hair and prevents hair loss.

   7.Excellent lip balm.

   8. Moisturize dry skin.

   9. Makes aging skin look much younger.

   10. Reduces burning and dents caused by shaving.

   I hope you’ve learned something from it?

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   Thanks for reading.

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