10 Dangerous inventions that threatened human existence.

We all know science has proven very useful in making life easier and promoting environmental balance. Some scientific inventions has led to discovery of cures, modern amenities and so on. But also, whatever has a good probably has a bad side too.

As useful as science could be, it’ could be the world’s worse enemy. It could wipe out generations in minutes and could destroy regions within the twinkle of an eye. Below are some of the world’s most dangerous inventions.


The atomic bomb still stands as the biggest danger ever known for the whole world and human beings. 

It was invented during World War 2 in a project led by scientist Robert Oppenheimer. This harmful bomb was first tested on July 16,1945 in Los Alamos (new Mexico). It was a very bright and ground shaking blast. The Atomic Bomb although in possession of some countries has been banned by the United Nations (UN) for its dreadful effect.


19th and early 20th century, World War I was known as the “chemists’ war.“ There were many new deadly gasses and chemicals used in this war that had never been used as weapons before. Chlorine gas, also known as bertholite, was first used as a weapon in World War I by the Germans at the Second Battle of Ypres in April, 1915 against the French soldiers. Chlorine gas effects the body in many ways. It causes burning in the eyes, uncontrollable blinking, redness and inflammation along with the production of tears and eventual death.


This is the most common used harmful and dangerous weapon across the world. The first automatic rifle was invented by a Mecixan General ”Manuel Mondragon” in 1887. Automatic rifles vary from light machine guns to heavy machines guns which are effective in battles and sometimes used to protect against home invaders and for self defense. Unfortunately this weapon is very common and easy to use. Its brutal use has shown its dangerous nature to the world.


Zyklon-B was used in gas chambers to cause mass death. It would be dropped into the chambers through vents in the side walls. Upon being breathed in, the vapors combined with red blood cells, depriving the human body of vital oxygen, causing unconsciousness, and then death through oxygen starvation. Those inside died within 20 minutes. The Holocaust is one of the darkest events in history, when around 1.2 million people, including about 960,000 Jews, were gassed to death in the concentration camps during the World War II.


The Guillotine was invented in 1791 by a group led by Joseph-Ignace Guillotin who was a Parisian anatomy professor. This execution device used a lunette to immobilize a victim’s neck and a crescent and sharp blade to chop off the head. Its violated use has been very harmful and dangerous during the past.


Land mines are among the most vicious and deadly inventions in history. The first recorded use of explosive land mines was in 1277 AD in China. These are bombs that are buried underground along the perimeter of a territory to create defensive tactical barriers and to prevent the enemies from trespassing. Upon stepping on it, it goes off thereby decapitating the enemies and killing them in the process.


Although this invention was intended by its inventor Arthur Galston to be a chemical growth hormone fertilizer that would increase the growth rate of soybeans when sprayed on them from the air. Later Galston discovered it could become a herbicide. Later the army took this invention and used it during the Vietnam War to kill and injure 400,000 people. It was really very harmful for people even it affected the babies before birth.


This is an unintentionally invented gas which was discovered by German chemist Dr. Gerhard Scharder in 1938. He was working for some other invention then he accidentally discovered the gas Sarin. This SG a toxic substance which is now listed as a weapon of mass destruction by UN. It is very dangerous and harmful, when it used as weapon it attacks the nervous system and may cause even death. But its victim suffers a lot before death.

9. TNT

Trinitrotoluene which is also known as TNT, is also an explosive chemical compound that was first synthesized in 1863 by German famous physicist Joseph Wilbrand. Though his intention was to use the compound as a yellow dye but it is a very harmful invention which can take many lives in a matter of seconds. The idea of TNT has later been re-branded to create grenades, flash bang and so on


Famous scientist Thomas Midgley discovered the CFC Freon while working for General Motors in 1930. It was also an inventions which was invented to just help human beings and for useful purposes. Its inventor intended it to be a safe non-toxic refrigerant to be used in household appliances. CFCs replaced toxic or explosive substances previously used as refrigerants in heat pumps and refrigerators. Later he discovered that it is really harmful and destructive for Ozone layer.

 In conclusion, we would realize that some of the world’s most dangerous inventions were not really intended for the purpose of destruction but were later realized to have massive destructive impacts.

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