Ulcer, Diabetes, Or Hypertension Patient Should Pay Attention To This Piece Of Vital Information

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Hello everyone, today we would be sharing vital information for all those that may be suffering from DiabetesHypertension and Ulcer. People who suffer from these diseases sometimes cannot afford to go see a doctor, or even a dietician to know what they are supposed to do and eat, and also what they should refrain from. Unfortunately, the absence of some of these important information has led to the death of many. We would be sharing some Dos and Don’ts that anybody with the below mentioned medical conditions should strictly adhere to.

We would first start by explaining the meaning of these medical conditions, and why one suffers from them.

Diabetes is a medical condition that occurs when the normal human body cannot produce enough of a certain chemical called Insulin. This insulin is responsible for converting excess sugar in the Blood into Glycogen, for storage by the body. When Insulin isn’t produced enough, there is excess sugar in the body, leading to Type 2 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is caused by genetic factors, so it is relatively out of context in our discussion.

Ulcer is a medical condition that is as a result of an injury in the stomach wall. This injury occurs when the acid in the stomach dissolves a particular part of the stomach wall, causing a hole to form there. This medical condition is very fatal, and unfortunately, it is prevalent among adults and even teenagers in our society today.

Hypertension is a medical conditon characterized by spikes in blood pressure, consistently above 130/80mmHg. This condition is perhaps the most common ailment mankind has ever known, and it is quite unfortunate that majority of its sufferers do not know that they have the condition. That is why it is medically termed “The Silent Killer”. The name implies that, one who has been suffering from Hypertension without knowing it (it shows no symptom most of the time) may just suddenly drop dead one day.

Here is the information Ulcer patients need to properly take note of:

1. As an Ulcer patient, you should never take pepper, nor beans in your meals.

2. Avoid oranges and other citric fruits. They contain diluted acids that are not good for your health.

3. Avoid eating fried foods. Also, please try to avoid taking carbonated drinks.

4. Visit the doctor regularly, to get comprehensive medical checkups.

5. Avoid eating Garden egg, without the doctor’s prescription.

6. Avoid eating foods with high fiber contents. Fruits are notorious for the increased level of fiber they contain.

7. Take your drugs judiciously and avoid missing them for any reason.

For patients with Hypertension, try to do the following:

1. First and most important, leave whatever you are doing now and go check your Blood pressure.

2. If you do not have one, endeavor to buy a Spyghmanometer next week. Your blood pressure should be checked atleast twice a day. Immediately you wake up, and at night before you sleep.

3. Take your drugs judiciously, do not miss any of them.

4. Avoid occasions that may make you stress yourself.

5. Sleep regularly, at least eight hours at night, and two hours during the day. Sleep helps your blood vessels relax hence, the blood pressure automatically falls.

6. Avoid soft drinks and coffee. Coke and coffee contain caffeine in high quantities, and it may adversely affect your blood pressure.

7. Drink lots of water. Personally, when I experienced a spike in my blood pressure, I resorted to water therapy. I took water every morning immediately I woke up, about a liter would do. In two weeks, my pressure reading dropped by a whopping seven. Try taking water constantly.

For Diabetics, Pay attention to the following:

1. Avoid all forms of sugars at all cost. There is this general notion that honey isn’t bad. Actually, honey has the same effects as normal sugar in the body of Diabetics, so please stay away from it.

2. Avoid eating Garden eggs, only on the advice of a medical doctor should you take it. Garden eggs reduce sugar level, but they may bring it down too low for your health, so take them carefully.

3. Always check your sugar level, at least twice a week. It helps give you an idea about how your body works.

4. Diabetics should also take lots of water regularly. It helps your condition.

5. Avoid getting injured in any way, no matter how small. The excess sugar in your blood attracts microorganisms to your injury, making that wound very difficult to heal, no matter how small.

If you have any question about all these, please do well to ask us in the comment section. Don’t also forget to like, share and follow us for more updates.

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