A woman is the one that can feed a man with encouragement and positive ideas.
A woman is a person who upholds logical affections to a man, without being biased
A woman is not the one that can help a man spend all his money but helps a man save and invest before spending..
A woman is a person that helps man economize her expenditure without emotion raging of wars
A woman is the one that doesn’t look down on any man because of his present state of life and finance but can encourage any man to get better.
A woman isn’t defined by her effortlessly beautiful look..
A woman is a encourager and also a realm hope
A woman is the one that does not run her mouth with sarcasm and insult just to prove a point, her words are gracious, the one that her words can heal broken hearts.
A woman is someone that firmly calmed down the raging moments of a man with her soothing voice.
A woman is the one that is content with what she has at the moment and not the one who sell herself just for Brazilian hair and Gucci wears…
A woman should be a citadel of love and boundless affections… Her lips are thornless and cute….
A woman is the one that knows when to talk and when to shut up.
A woman should conceal and resolve her angers without creating a scenes… She should be a motto of happiness and joyful episode

Published by Ernest I.

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