Things Women Hate About Men But They Will Never Tell Them

There are a few issues that women really don’t like in guys, but they remain silent about and keep them to themselves. They’re never going to talk about them in the open. They’re going to get hurt and annoyed by them all night. In reality, some of them are only embracing their pillows in weeping at night. So here are a few things women dislike, and they’ll never simply open up about them:

1) Grabbing her by her biceps area

Women usually feel belittled when they’re grabbed by a guy on their arm (biceps area). She feels more like you’re trying to harm her. Be patient and pick your locations en you want to hold her. You can take her by her waist or hold her hands. She is more comfortable when you do that.

2) Making comparisons between her and other women

Any comparison you make will always be taken negatively. You should not even try to complement her using another lady. Some men say things like “Your dress is better that Mary’s”hoping that the woman will be amused. They hate all sorts of comparisons. If you are to complement or criticize, ensure that you do so without dragging the names of other women.

3) Failing to shower

Women are generally neat and clean people. It is very bad and sickening for a woman to have a man who does not like to take a shower. It irritates and embarrasses her. Please men, always ensure that you shower daily. She may never tell you but she notices every little smell from your armpits.

4) Repeating the same boring stories over and over

It’s just as amazing that you love your sport, or that you love aerobics, or that you love your motto. Yet any person who has a kind of “who cares” diversion, and obviously zero interests beyond that one pastime, is infuriating. You’ve got to be thrilling. If you’re not well traveled, learn about the locations. See the trailers and ask about the stuff. Don’t be the man who just relies on a line to last a woman a whole day.

5) Failing to give her the attention that she needs

It’s widely known that the women love recognition. They appreciate it when you offer them not just your heart, but also your ears and your eyes. Ladies love it even more when you give them the close eye contact during conversations. Whenever you lean to glance at your smartphone in the middle of a conversation, it feels really bad. Please stop staring at your mobile and talking to it.

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