There will be 2 Superpowers in Asia, the power of which is equal to the U.S

We know that in the last century, there were two superpowers in the world, one is the United States and the other is the Soviet Union. But the Soviet Union no longer exists, and the only remaining superpower in the world is the United States.

However, in recent years, the strength of many countries in the world has continued to rise and become a sequence of major powers. Recently, American experts predict that there will be two powers in Asia, and their strength will be comparable to that of the United States. So who will these two countries be? In this regard, it is reported that the United States believes that Asia’s India and Japan are most likely to become superpowers. In this regard, many people questioned, believing that this must be a “nonsense” that American experts said after “getting drunk”.

In this regard, US experts said that India always appears to be unable to be on the stage, but in fact they have a very strong advantage. However, India has unique advantages. For example, a relatively large land area. First of all, India has a very large land area, which ensures that India is very rich in resources. If India continues to expand this advantage, their overall strength will surely rise to the next level.

The second is India’s military and economic strength. This is a very interesting country. It calls poor every year, but it can get a lot of money to buy weapons every year, and its military expenditures are also increasing year by year.

Many experts said that if India adopts a reasonable development method and learns from each other, they will explode with amazing energy, and becoming a superpower is no longer just a dream. Then another country is Japan, although it is a very small country, and its resources are extremely scarce. But in the fields of economy and technology, Japan’s strength is absolutely top-notch. You know, many of their technologies are world-leading, and even my country and the United States may not be able to reach this level.

Before China’s economic aggregate became the world’s second largest, Japan was firmly in that position. Although Japan’s economic aggregate is now surpassed by my country, their per capita GDP is still very high. Japan has a very complete global industrial system, and many established industrial brands have very good sales in the world. Over the years, Japan has continued to hide its strength, but in fact, their military strength is not weak at all.

After all, there was a family there before World War II. Although they were defeated, they could not deny their glory. If it is not contained in the later period, it is very possible for Japan to become a global superpower.

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