The Secret Power Of Urine And How To Use It!

Our Morning urine is a powerful weapon that many are yet to uncover I’m gonna table a few things that you can use the Urine for.

1. Finding Money On the Street and Picking it Up

On occasion, cash might be set to pulverize somebody’s success (through the demonstration of obeah). As a rule coins are utilized, yet paper cash are additionally utilized. The Obeah might not have been set for you, the person who has discovered it, however by the by it can even now influence you, so be mindful. It makes a difference not on the off chance that you accept or not, be sure that terrible obeah is genuine and can positively lock unto the unintended. Here is your main thing on the off chance that you do turn out to be in this circumstance: Use pee to sprinkle on target prior to contacting it. It doesn’t need to be soaked as my companion did, however ensure the pee gets sprinkled on top of it. From that point, you are allowed to do with it as you wish

2. Eating In Your Dreams

On the off chance that you have a fantasy, where you have eaten in the fantasy, by and large, this is a profound assault. It doesn’t make a difference if the food was given to you or arranged by your #1 grandma, the foe can utilize your trust against you and mask himself as the individual you confide in most. That flawless plate of curry goat you were served, was profoundly a plate of nails. This is what you do if this ought to transpire: Get up toward the beginning of the day, don’t address anybody, discover something to pee in and (yes – I realize this is gross) drink a little taste of it. Three little tastes is sufficient! Not an entire cup full. Sickening, indeed, I know. Nonetheless, what has been given to you, to hurt, injure or even execute you, will have no impact.

3. Urine in Love Spells

I needed to tell this one, however I reconsidered it. Numerous individuals use pee in affection spells and it is in fact viable. Anyway I should caution you: successfully tie an individual to you without wanting to is never great. It can cause incredible mischief as far as ailment or even cost an individual their life at long last. There are many “results” (for absence of a superior word) to playing out a custom like this on somebody, and can eventually turn around against the individual who has performed it.

4. Urine to Discipline Children

If a child is rude to his or her parent, cursing or fighting them (a great taboo by the way), urine can be used by the parents to bring the child back into line. 

5. Removing Planted Evil (Juju) From Your Home or Business

5. Receiving Spiritually “Fixed” Money

6. Protection From Unwanted Entities

7. Gain Confidence with Your Urine

8. Get Rid of a Bug In Your Ear

If you somehow get an insect stuck in your ear like my daughter did, take warm urine and pour it into your ear. The animal will come right out!

NOTE;I do not believe in all these but it could help someone else.

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