Opinion: What Are The Signs That You Are Wasting Your Life? Please Read.

As human beings, one of our deepest-rooted desires is to have a meaningful and happy existence. When you find out that you are not feeling any of these, then maybe you are wasting your life in some areas.

Note that the definition of wasting ones life is relative. You may not necessarily agree with mine and that’s fine. I would like to know your own definition in the comment section . It would mean a lot to me.

We all have a purpose for coming to this life and as such must try our best to fulfill it. The best ways one can do that is by staying with the God who created you in the first place and knows why he did. These might be the reasons:-

1 . You are wasting your life when you stop talking to God.

2 . You are wasting your time when you constantly seek validation from people rather than following Gods will for your life.

3 . When you wait for the future to come and stop living in the present. Some people even postpone their happiness. They say ‘ Oh when I’m rich enough in the future I will be happy or when I get this certain job I will be happy.

4 . When you constantly compare yourself to others.

5 . Failing to plan. Just living life has it comes.

6 .Men and women chasing the anything in skirt and trousers respectively like their lives depends on it.

Let me end here for now. I would love to know what wasting ones life means to you. Note that it is okay that you do one of these things i mentioned , trust me no know is perfect. You just need to realize and try to fix it . Don’t just live life by chance. 

Published by Ernest I.

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