Opinion: Four types of women that no man on earth can resist, check out the list

It’s our midweek exclusive feature but this time instead of giving you probably the always update on fashion styles or sports, we are going on a different direction.

We are taking you on a ride as we reveal the very five type of women, girls or ladies that no man on earth could say no to.

As you read I hope it entertains you and probably wising up our women, as they get a grip on the very type of women the men wants.

1. The Smiling and friendly woman. When a man enters the house after his daily struggles and hustles, the best thing that happens to him is to meet the wife always in a cheerful mood.

A woman who consistently wears a smile and remains friendly irrespective of what ever that is going on in her private life is Royal jewel and are an absolute yes for everyman on earth.

A smiling face is a magnet to all that comes around

2. The polite and Honest women. A polite and honest woman speaks in a way that brings calmness to a raging fire, she picks her words even when she feels she is been stepped on.

No man wants a nagging wife or a liar and the polite and Honest wife is an exact opposite, they know how to calm the storm with their words, cheerful and honest approach.

Every man will struggle to turn such a woman down whether she’s your spouse, friend or coworker.

A polite and honest women is a capital YES for men

3. A beautiful woman. There is no man on earth who doesn’t love and appreciates a beautiful woman,

The beautiful here is someone who has a perfect body, endowed with beautiful face and an outstanding character.

The secret is this, everyman wants a woman they can flaunt and Bragg about.

A beautiful woman is a joy of every man.

4. The Courageous Woman, lady or girl.

Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear and being brave.

Everyman thinks like this, will the woman be able to stand and bear the burden of the family if I’m no more Or she will glue to another man when it gets so tough.

The courageous woman will always stand by the family, protect the family and assume the role of a father if the man is no more in the scene.

Such a woman though rare are an absolute gem and are close to the virtuous woman. 

This are the four types of woman that are Irresistible to men of all age, size and culture.

You as a world could build up such a character it helps.

All pictures used are for illustrations purposes

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