Don’t Ever Kill This Insect. If You Catch It Alive, You Can Sell It For 57 Million Naira And Be Rich

Just like some rocks like diamond are worth billions of naira in today’s world, same thing also applies to strange animal and the prices people are willing to pay for it are jaw dropping and unbelievable.

Could you believe that a stag beetle can be sold for a staggering 57 million naira if you are able to catch one ?, Mind you it’s not easy to see one but it’s everywhere, maybe one in a thousand army.

There are many types of beetle species but the one with a huge value placed on it is the rare stag beetle.

Stag beetles is one out of the family of about 1,200 species of beetles in the family Lucanidae, presently classified in four subfamilies. Some of these species can grow to over 12 cm, however most of them are about 5 cm only.

Stag beetle are one of those valuable insects in the world and many hunt it like gold. Stag beetle spend most of the living in underground and they are harmful despite looking strange and ready to sting.

They are with a 7 years life span but the male stag beetles is a bug opportunity for those who wants to be a millionaire so fast but it takes a lot of patience.

Male stag beetles seems to have big antlers. They have oversized maribles used in courtship and also make do with it to fight other male beetles.

The big question is, where is it sold for around 80k – 150k dollars ?.

According to Nedret avci and many online sources, the head of bileck muncipality veterinary department, the male stag beetles, which has six antennas, can be sold in Japan and some rare animal museum for a worth of $80,000 – $150,000. Converting 80 thousand and 150 thousand is the same as 30 million naira – 57 million naira. Unbelievable right ? But very true as many people spend months and cash hunting this particular beetle just to get super rich.

It will be wise if you ever come across one and you are able to catch it instead of quickly killing it. Catching just one of this will make you rich and a millionaire in Nigeria.

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