President Trump: A Stunning Performance Nobody Expected

Never write anybody off. Never. Who would have thought the American Presidential elections would be this narrow – this close? They all said Trump was finished. The American media were projecting a Biden landslide. Yesterday I said it would take a miracle for Trump to win. But Indeed isn’t this a miracle? Donald Trump has done much better than the polls predicted. Democrats are shell shocked. They’ve been smashed right in the face. Again I repeat this is a MIRACLE!!! The Democrats shouldn’t be struggling. But let me give us some perspective and insight into the workings of this miracle. 

Universally for some strange reason the creative arts has always tended to attract liberals. The media has a sizeable pool of people with a creative disposition. These are largely people with a natural gift at communicating and storytelling. We call them reporters, writers, newsmakers and presenters. The infrastructure of a typical media company is built up by a tycoon who wants to make money, by feeding the public with news that attracts adverts, through increased circulation. And bad news sells news. Modern media has a ready made platform for people ready to sell salacious and sensational material, majority are people with a liberal sanguineous world view. Those of a conservative disposition, tend not to thrive in such environments.

Why is this analysis important in America today? Take a look at the big media platforms in America, they are followed mostly by Democrats – CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, PBS, Wall Street Journal, USA Today. Now take look at the Republican media – there is just one lone ranger – Fox news! Can you imagine – only Fox News. Can you understand why Trump has a lot of bad press and why he attacks the American media? 

On social media it is a split. Facebook is Republican leaning; Mike Zuckerberg has hired more conservative directors. Facebook also has close ties with Breitbart an ultra Right Republican news platform. Twitter on the other hand tends to attract more users from the Democratic Party, one only needs to look at Jack Dosey’s bohemian beard, the Left is written all over him. 

Media has the power to shape perception and what the American media has done the last 20 years, is shape public perception that American is Left. But that is a lie! It explains why the polls showed Biden was leading by 10 points, these were outright lies! Lies churned out by a left leaning liberal media. They did it in 2016, they failed. And in 2020 the liberal press has been caught lying again. Truth is, Trump is not as unpopular as CNN wants you to believe. They ignore the other side of America at their own peril.  It is now clear to the world that there is another side of America the world has ignored. A new world power bloc. A silent conservative majority, made up of American Evangelicals and conservative Jews. The Right. I call it, the Judeo Christian deep State. And this election has confirmed what I have always known for sometime. And if you are a Jerusalem conscious Christian and Trump wins this election – allow the Holy Spirit instruct you what this means. Because the Democrats, the left, the liberals shouldn’t be struggling. Something is definitely amiss. There has been a material and spiritual power shift.

Published by Ernest I.

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