“Husbands Will Be Scarce By 2023”- Catholic Women Reported

According to dailypost.ng, the Catholic Women Organization of Nigeria stated that in their country, husbands will be scarce by 2023. Now this is the same as the notion that made rounds that the world was ending in a specific year.

Husband’s are the scarciest commodity after gold. If you have one for yourself, praise God and pray to stay married to a good man.

Not all men are husbands material. You may see potential sleeping partners walking around with good body structure designed for ‘banging’but not marriage class.

Like the Bible predicted “for every good man there shall be seven women who all they want is his surname” and allegiance and reference for children. When men are few and when the few of the men are marriage materials women will find polygamy the only available option.

Is it time women start to be realistic and ask questions on how to make polygamy workable?

Statistics say that women will be even more than men. There are 53 percent of women and 47 percent of men. Even if all men are honest and marry one woman each, some women will remain on the queue for no man to take them.

Men are about to be extinct. Maybe people shall share, or maybe who have husbands the same men will run from them. But it is also stated that it is husbands, not boyfriends. This is the beginning of everything.

Published by Ernest I.

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