Bullet Charm Juju : The Repercussions Of Using The Juju of Bullet Charm

There were some news bizarre news that was making waves some days ago about some youths being shot by bullets but the bullets failed to penetrate their skin

The first instance we saw was during the end sars protest, at certain area of portharcourt, during the heat of the protest, some youth and soldiers faced off against each other. The soldiers fired sporadically at the youths but the bullets failed to penetrate. The soldiers were said to run away, Lol I find that strange

Another similar situation occurs at OYO when one cartain leader of the youths was bringing his boys to have meetings with the chiefs and elders at one secrétariat in Oyo. They met soldiers at the front gate and the soldiers were denying them access to the secrétariat. One of the boys of the leader said he doesn’t like the way the soldier was talking to his their leader. This is what cause the wahala to start

The soldiers slapped the guy but the guy returned the slap. This infuriated the soldiers and they shot at the boys but the bullets also failed to penetrate. There are similar cases but let me just stop at this two

I’m going to be discussing the consequences of this Bullet Charm JuJu in this article. The first consequences is

1. Shortening of Life Span

You should know by now that life is spiritual, the spiritual realm controls the physical and as such, that bullet charm juju is a kind of charm. In certain cases the charm works but the expectant life of the victim will have already been shortened. For example if the person is supposed to live 100 years, he or she will live just 60 or 50 years

2. Untimely Death

Bullet charm JuJu can lead to untimely death. Most of these charms usually have a clause. That is what they must not do for the charm to remain effective, so it’s very certain that one way or the other they will surely forget and do what they are not supposed to do. So they will still have confidence and go for a direct confrontation not knowing that their Charm is has lost it potency. Just a single bullet shot and that is the end

3. Intense Migraine

This might not be applicable to all but I know of a certain guy who was in cult years ago. He also did all sort of charms to prevent metals from penetrating his body. After several years this guy has a very intense Migraine. The one with a sharp pain, like someone hitting hammer on his brain. He went back to see the baba, but the baba told him that he will die that way. He was saved when he met Jesus and gave his life christ

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