Blood Money Men, how to Identify them and run for your life.

Money as we know, is any object bill or note acceptable as legal tender; means of payment, standard of measurement and store of value.

As living beings existing in a socio-economic society, It is very important to possess or own some reasonable amount of money to cater to our day to day well being. Like the Holy Book rightly mentions that money answereth all things but also the root of all evil.

Because of man’s insatiable nature, he is always on a steady search for money and wealth, in the process a lot of mediums are deployed to aid more easier access to financial freedom which include robbery, money laundry, money rituals etc, but for the purpose of this writing I’ll be focusing on Money Rituals (Blood money).

Blood money as the name implies can be said to be a process of acquiring money by making human blood sacrifice to some deity or spiritual forces that are believe to stir money your way (just like magic), so you keep sacrificing more and getting more money until there isn’t more to sacrifice but yourself.

Here in Nigeria we’ve heard several cases of money rituals where some were reported mad, one even vomited blood and barked like a dog and so on. Some go as far as using their Parents, siblings and relatives for money rituals; that is when you hear of a sudden overnight wealth especially among the youths.

Although in some settings, after requesting for human blood sacrifice they still demand that the bearer also makes some sacrifice daily in order to sustain the flow of wealth. We’ve heard of people who must eat their faeces or drink their urine daily, must have sex daily, etc. Ladies should be careful because some of those rich men looking for women daily might just be on a mission.



Most blood money men are always hardened when it comes to giving alms and charity. They could spend huge amount to buy you drinks, smoke, even food and women but can’t help you financially, set you up in good business or upgrade your standard. Be careful when you have such people as friends.

Private Secret Room;

When you go to any house and hear that there’s a room no one else except the man himself enters, then be careful.

Addicted Womanizer;

If a particular man is always in fund of keeping different strange women in motels and chalets, you have to be on the look out.

Unsafe Sex;

When you hear words like “Alhaji no dey do with condom” or “Chief prefers skin to skin no matter the amount”. Need I say more?

Dress Code;

In a situation where someone’s always aligning to a certain dress code and colour only and doesn’t associate with others except those wearing same code and colour. Something fishy is smelling.

Be warned! before they either take your destiny, womb, future, life in exchange for bread or change. Live within your with and be grateful for the little you have. Contentment is Key!

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Thank you.

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