These Are 5 Things Women Do At Home When Their Husbands Are Not Around And Feeling Lonely

Those things seem funny but women mean them to keep their company by themselves. Without a waste of time, I will enlist those strange and funny things in this very article with some explanations or reason they do them.

1. Women play their favorite music and give the tape a loud volume.

When you have a woman especially during this computer age where music is recreational, your woman will have particular music she likes. She will play the music at home when his man is not around to have fun and remember some of her past experiences with the music like a boyfriend she has had who also likes the music. In fact, she might call that man at that very moment to greet him.

Moreover, other women may choose to be dancing to the music with the new dance step in town. She will try to look stylish. When she has watched a video of a lady who made a new dance move, she will like to emulate her. This is merely done when she misses you and you are not around.

2. Dancing in front of a mirror and looking at her current shape.

Not all men will have or like music tape, so a woman will dance in front of her mirror and make some dance steps she normally did before marrying you. She will feel at home since you are not around. 

Moreover, while dancing she will be taking note of how shapely she looks currently. If she sees that she is not looking hotter, she will be hissing and saying “am I not eating?”. Likewise, if she finds that she is looking more beautiful, she will laugh and say ” my husband will never look outside for this reason”. Meanwhile, women like talking to the mirror and practicing an English accent and looking at their lips.

3. Rearranging of their clothes in preparation for a pending ceremony.

This is also common among women when their husbands are not around. They will take to their wardrobes and be looking for a suitable dress to wear to an incoming event.

But no matter how she used her time to find one, she will still be thinking of getting another one. In fact, she might have selected one and later change it on the day of the ceremony. This is known to all women and some married men will relate to this.

4. Talking with their daughters in school.

Women like their daughters more than their sons. Probably because they are the same gender. So, when their husbands are not around and they are feeling lonely, they just pick up their phones and be talking with their daughters. They will ask every detail of her vicinity and how she is coping in school. Especially if a woman is a graduate, she will like to be chatting with her daughter in the absence of her husband. 

But when she hears you returning from work, she will hang up the call and pretend she isn’t talking with anyone. They do this when they are alone at home and most especially when their daughters who keep their company leave them to go to school.

5. Checking their previous photoshoots.

Women like to do this when they have a caring husband or they want to keep themselves busy with something while alone. So, when a man is not around, they bring out their photo albums and be looking at their previous photos before the wedding and after the wedding. They sometimes leave the album in the kitchen and forget to return it to its place.

Those are the five strange things women do at home when their husbands are not around and they are feeling lonely.

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