Politics in Nigeria

He gave them bailouts to pay salaries, your governors looted it instead.
He refunded Paris club debt to enable infrastructural development, they still ended up looting it
He ordered local government autonomy to bring governance to the grassroots, your governors resisted it
He granted judiciary and legislature autonomy to enable accountability and transparency in the state, these same governors thrashed it.
Finally, he supplied massive palliatives to cushion the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown, your governors stocked them in warehouses.
Yet this Man is your problem. He meant well for us but his government is sabotaged by scavenging opportunists. He is doing his best but their callous activities are repulsive to obtaining the required results.
Your hate for him is not making you be objective and hold your immediate leaders responsible.
God Bless my President
God bless my Country Nigeria
We will be great again.

Published by Ernest I.

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