Guys please don’t play around these parts of a lady’s body to avoid trouble.

These days the best way to show a lady how man enough you are requires you being romantic but have you thought about the consequences? I am not so sure if you have.

What I mean by you avoiding trouble is that, in order for you not to arouse a lady and make the both of you commit sin, then it’s best not to play around those areas where you know she is vulnerable to.

In order to avoid such mistakes, it’s better if you don’t allow a guy come close to you.

Guys to avoid mistakes and regrets, don’t play around these parts of a lady’s body.

1. Neck

Ladies can resist anything but are very sensitive to this part of their body. That’s the more reason you both need to be careful and not play around her neck. Ladies, if you are not strong enough to resist, then never allow the guy go close to your neck.

2. Ears

Happens to be the most common places where guys play around but the thing is, they don’t know how vulnerable they make a lady feel when playing around it.

To avoid mistakes and trouble especially when she is not your own, please don’t go close because its sensitive.

Please take note of this information and be careful enough not to do something that will make you feel bad.

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