7 Kinds Of Relationship You Must Terminate Without Delay

   The Bible says, “Poor communication spoils the right course” (Corinthians 15:33). Poor conditions will spoil character. When a character is destroyed, fate is also destroyed. When fate is destroyed, life is wasted, and when life is wasted, suffering is forever. .

   What the Bible calls “bad communication” can take many forms, and we can often be in bad relationships and ignorant. Samson had a bad relationship until she fulfilled his vision, his reading, his destiny. Failure to terminate this relationship will cost you, your Destiny, and your destiny. 

   👉 Seven types of bad relationships you should end

1.   A relationship is contagious

   Any relationship that pollutes you, infects your mind, body with a man, woman, boy, girl or adult, is one that needs to be broken. Samson is used to broken relationships and knows that. You can live in sins and wonderful things will still happen in your life and throughout your life; Spiritual gifts will still flow and you will believe you are right. The devil can even help you by quoting scriptures until it kills you, it’s a trap. Don’t fall into this trap

   Any relationship that defiles you is a system that has to be terminated, you don’t need to think long. The Bible says: “Whoever sows from flesh to flesh will reap corruption” (Galatians 6: 8).

   Don’t let anyone brainwash you into feeling good about what’s wrong: a relationship that requires you to obey God will be messed up.

   2. Drainage rate

   Some conditions may not infect you, but they drain your energy. They will drain you: from virtue, inspiration, literacy, prayer. On the surface everything looks good, but it doesn’t abrasive you, it dulls you, it wears you. There are people that the devil can adopt in your life, they don’t sleep with you, but over time you find yourself empty. Beware of tired relationships, this is a war tactic used by demons. The relationship type sells you energy and strength; Before this relationship ends, please turn off this relationship.

   3. Interference relationship

   Some relationships will not pollute or exhaust you, but they will distract you, you just find that you cannot focus on the things you need to focus on. Prayer time is chat time. If you find that a relationship now is what distracts your relationship with God, end it to focus on your dreams. Any God-given relationship will not distract you, defile you, or exhaust you. As long as Delilah was in Samson’s life, he never prayed, on the night he slept in her lap, he didn’t even know when God left. Disrupts distracting situations.

   4. Relationship governs

   This is a Slavic relationship in which there is no freedom. There are some young men and women who in the name of love have given them certain freedoms; That slave is not love. Any relationship that has robbed your freedom is a system that has to be broken. No relationship God will bring into your life that will rob you of the freedom you already have in Christ (Galatians 5: 1). End relationship governing and governing.

   5. Devil connection

   Not only are there some relationships that are defiled, exhausted, disruptive or dominated, but there are also relationships that are purely satanic. Your relationship with a girl that uses you as a toy in lesbian sex is devilish. It sounds strange, but it’s ubiquitous (devil connection), very violent; Children with fathers, sisters with brothers, church members with their priests, etc. If you find yourself in a relationship with someone and not feeling drawn to romance, that’s weird. Delilah is only a material means of demons (Judges 16: 23-24)

   Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus, may every agent of darkness sent in my life shorten my destiny to collide with fire and fail in their mission in the name of Jesus. *

   6. Dementia relationship

   A depressed relationship is a system that leaves you tired and unmotivated. The Bible says that “the stone is grinding iron” (Pr 27:17). No relationship God places in your life will lead to your morality. The relationship between Samson and Delilah is moral. She tormented, despaired, and humbled him until he had no courage left to start. (Judges 16:16)

   Some boys and girls make fun of holiness and initiation that makes it look old-fashioned.

   If you come into contact with such people in a relationship, you have lost your virginity. They prevent you from looking for the good and from living a holy life. Such people should have their smiles cut off at all costs.

   7. Harmful relationship

   Some cases are harmful. They don’t pollute, distract or distract you, but they can be harmful to you. They hurt your sensitivities to God, your longing for God, your confidence, before you know you feel worthless, they hurt fate: that’s what Delilah did with Samson. Samson does not realize that a relationship is harmful until his eyes disappear and he is put in jail.

   My advisor:

   Stop apologizing to someone who will take your life away. There are people you need to get out of your life, but you justify them and find excuses for them. What you call love Is it really love or lust? A God-written relationship will not distract you, defile, suck blood, hurt, lower your yardstick and will not take away your freedom. If a relationship happens to any of these, it’s a red light and you should end it immediately.

   How to break false conditions

   1. Identify it: Whether you are wondering whether to continue or not is a sign that you need to stop it.

   2. To God: Pray, break all spiritual relationships before taking any physical steps. There are some relationships you would break if God opened your eyes to see what’s going on in the spirit world. A lot of people are blind so they don’t know what’s going on.

  3. Decline this relationship: toward your pastor, your parents, the authorities in your life so you can get help. If you meet someone who controls you cannot be free unless you have sovereignty

   4. The rule of growth is that everything you invest in will grow, and everything you stop investing in won’t grow, stop investing in that relationship, stop investing your time, make phone calls, talk. , time, and so on.

   5. Let the person know you are calling it an ending; You exit the scene and give a person a reason

   As you take these steps to end these relationships, remember that having one of these relationships means that there was sin to confess and ask for forgiveness, this is the first step to be free.

   Prayer points:

  1. Lord, now when I begin to pray, all the dark agents sent into my life will be captured, their kingdoms burned, Your judges will come on all kingdoms in Jesus’ name dark country.

   2. You are the agent of darkness, I destroy and disturb you from my life, from my mind and in my dream, banish my life in the name of Jesus.

  3. In the blood of Jesus, I separate myself spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally from any past or present false relationships in the name of Jesus Christ.

   4. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pre-refuse any relationship that will hurt me.

   5. Lord, bless me in relationships that will build me up, grow, relationships that won’t hurt me in the name of Jesus Christ.

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