Doing the following sacrifices you are saying goodbye to poorverty.

Poverty is the state of being extremely poor. Nobody will like to be in the state of poverty. The opposite of poverty is wealth or abundance. Everyone wants to be wealthy. All the richest men or women we see today were once poor people, they were born with empty-handed.

When it is time for you to be rich, nobody can stop it. There some sacrifices you should be doing in order to eradicate poverty in your life.

1. Praying: Keep praying to God to enrich you. Note, if you are the type that used to pray to God, He will not enrich you in impure way, likewise he will bless what he has provided for you.

2. Hardworking: As you are praying day and night, also focus on your business. Prayer and hardworking brings success. I knew to be rich is not by Hardworking, it is by God grace, but you need to have something doing. Be honest in your business, don’t cheat on your customers. God does not like the cheaters. If you cheat people to be rich, God will not bless that money, take note.

3. Charity: You don’t need to be rich before you can start giving charity. Charity can be money, food, shelters etc. educating someone freely is also charity. If you see a poor man or woman that has not taken breakfast, give her food or money if you have. If you don’t have at all pray for him or her.

Do you know that sharing this article to your friends is also a charity?. Yes it is, because they will learn from it.

Wishing you success.

Published by Ernest I.

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