6 Ways To Know The Enemies of Your Life

Sometimes it is difficult to find the enemy among many people living or working together at a particular place at any given time. Part of the reason it is difficult for men to trust and trust themselves is the result of their bad behavior and their bad lives.

   In a family, a spouse, children or relatives are often enemies of that family if left untreated. Hence causing chaos and trouble all day until the secret is revealed. May God save us from all evil.

   To identify the enemy of your life, you must be willing to overcome all reasonable doubts in order to solve the enemy’s problems with your life.

   Here are 6 powerful ways to decode your life’s enemies;

   1. Try to see someone develop a grudge against you for no reason 

   Note, no matter how kind you are and your personality in life, you cannot please him in any way.

   Look for people who have a grudge against you for no reason, look for people who aren’t always satisfied with how you look, even though you’re trying to do something good out of self. by themselves, they will never appreciate it but will use it against you. You must be extra careful when looking for bad groups so that you won’t be intimidated.

   2. Find people to use dark forces / magic against your life

   You must understand that people can be bad sometimes and it is difficult to decipher their bad intentions. The word “I love you only” is not original to prove that someone is not against you. Try to find bad men who can lend to attack your life in a negative way

   3. Identify your plaintiffs

   Your plaintiffs are problem solvers, so try to find people who are happy with your mistakes and stumbles.

   Look for people who talk about you negatively in a destructive way. Friends may criticize you constructively, but their ultimate goal is to help you. Enemies will use destructive speech with the sole purpose of making you feel worse or overthrowing you.

   For example, a friend might say, “You look great today, but have you ever thought about letting your hair look different?”

   The enemy will say, “Your hair is ugly and there is nothing you can do to change it.”

  4. Find Beatbits / Gossip

   Notice who is gossiping about you. The people who speak badly behind you, spread malicious rumors or reveal your darkest secrets are not your friends. If you come across someone talking about you, he is probably your enemy.

   For example, you can tell “a friend” about something happening at home, as if your parents were divorced. You asked them to keep it a secret, but they went out and told as many people as possible. In this case, the rumors are true, but they betray your trust.

   Another type of gossip is when someone has just said something about you. For example, they may spread rumors that you are cheating on your boyfriend when you’re not really cheating.

   5. Don’t make fun of people who are waiting for your death

   Follow those who are trying to discourage your success. Often times, your enemies will work to give credit for what you do, especially at work or school. They may also try to prevent you from succeeding by undermining the sophistication of your job with your boss or teacher. These people are definitely not your friends.

   For example, they may “forget” to tell you about class deadlines.

   Maybe they’ve seen one of your ideas you suggested at work, and go to the boss first to submit it to them and steal it from your subordinate.

   6. Try to observe your enemies use negative or weird characters against you

   Pay attention to one’s body language. Someone you don’t like may lean on you while talking and turn your back on you. They can also combine your arms or legs for your protection.

   They may also try to look down and stare at you.

   If they’re trying to hide something from you, they can put their hands in their pockets or hide them in a different way.

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