Foods That Can Turn You From A Nobody In Bed Into A Machine

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When a person has difficulty achieving and maintaining an €r€ction, doctors call it ED. ED affects 30 million men in the United States, according to the Urological Care Foundation.

   Understanding the physical, mental and emotional factors that contribute to ED can help people choose a better collabo-promoting diet.

   Factors that contribute to ED include:

   G€nital bleeding and persistent problems

   Damage to the nerve centers of the g€nitals

   Side effects of drugs, radiation and other treatments

   Sadness, fear, and stress

   Managing the underlying cause is the best way to treat ED. But the other thing anyone can do is eat lots of fruit.

   In one study, researchers linked consuming more fruit with a 14% lower risk of €rectile dy$functi0n. The flavonoid content in many fruits may be the cause of this improvement.

   Flavonoid-rich foods include:





   Hot pepper

   Cocoa products

   Red wine

   Tea (green, white and black)

   Research has also shown in an animal model that watermelon can effectively fight ED. The L-citrulline amino acid content in cantaloupe may explain the positive effect of this effect.

   Likewise, nitric oxide can be helpful in preventing ED, increasing blood flow, and vasodilation.

   Beets also contain nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide and may benefit blood circulation.

   Many people pay attention to diet to increase libid0, improve collabo ability and increase pleasure during collabo.

   Although research has shown a possible link between certain foods and having better collabo, those looking for the best foods for collabo should make sure they are consuming one. Heart-healthy formula.

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